To say my heart is full is an understatement. I am so blessed + grateful for all the people who helped me along the way. I have many people to send my appreciation + thanks to. 

To my parents, 

With out you guys this would have never happened. I am so thankful + lucky to have both of your support in this. When I purposed this idea, there was no hesitation from either of you. Dad, you made me think outside of my comfort zone + all things business which has taught me so much. Mom, you have helped create every vision I have had along the way despite how crazy they may seem. Thank you both!  

To Scott, 

Thank you for laughing with me along the way when I make mistakes and for listening endlessly to my boutique ideas and thoughts. I have had a few moments of "what the hell am I doing" and you are always there to calm my storm. 

To my best friends, 

Thank you so much for being apart of this with me. I am so thankful for each of you. There is something so special about starting something new and having girlfriends encourage + support you along the way. I created a vision + dream board for the boutique + one of the things I wrote down was "photoshoot with the girls." I was able to check this off my list because of each of you.

To the girls who have sat with me and listened over + over, thank you! 

To my local babes, AKA my glam squad,  

If you know me well, you know I love watching the Housewives. Lets just say the week of taking photos, I felt as though that I had my very own glam squad (hello dream come true)! 

Desarae, who did my makeup twice for me! Thank you so much for your time, advice and encouragement. I admire you and your ability to lead, mentor and encourage others. Connect with this amazing lady for all your makeup needs. She literally made me GLOW. @desaraeschmidt 

Mckenzie, at Vanity Collective in Spruce Grove, AB. Thank you for your time + excitement. This babe died and styled my hair for the photo shoot! She generously styled some of my best friends hair as well for the shoot. Kenz is a blonde queen + oh so sweet! @hairby_mckenziek

Madison, at Vanity Collective in Spruce Grove, AB. This chick did my lashes prior to the shoot + I loved them so much. @madlashandbeautylab

To Andrea + the team at San Rufo Homes in Spruce Grove,

I reached out to you Andrea with hopes of having a home space to take photos in. Andrea, you were nothing but excited for me when I shared with you what I was doing. You were such a big help + so kind to give me your time. Thank you to the San Rufo Homes team for letting me use this gorgeous space.

To Megan, my bestie + photographer who made my photo visions come to life, 

It is so much fun to work with you in making this all come to life! You played a huge part in making this a reality for me. You were so thoughtful and considerate of my vision + gave so much time to this. I can not thank you enough. I can not wait to work together going forward! @meganfrenchphoto


Katie Frank